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of FUN. 


' You guys are THE very best! '

-Heather D

' Literally all I had to do was check my email to find free concert tickets to artists I’ve actually been DYING to see, like *****! ' 

-Picha W 

' Just wanted to thank you again very much for these as ****** are one of my favorite all time bands. ' 

-Ray B 

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How Does It Work?

Purchase a gift membership.

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Gift the confirmation certificate to whomever you'd like.

The gift recipient signs up with the code, tells us what they want to DoMORE of, and gets tickets every month!


 2 tickets each month for 6 months.

Pair with a 'way to go!' 





 2 tickets each month for 3 months.

Stocking stuffers are for adults, too.



2 tickets each month for one year.

Editors pick.




Is this too good to be true?

Nope. We've worked with our ticket partners (major promoters, venue owners and performing artists) for over 11 years. They lean on us to help create buzz and drive fans to attend their events across the country.

What kind of tickets are included?

Think concerts, museums, sports, arts+culture, festivals - everything that is fun, cool, and uniquely Austin. We use profiles to handpick experiences for each person. 

How do you match people to tickets? 

When a DoMORE member signs up, we ask them what types of experiences they're interested in. We'll also ask about favorite artists, genres, and more.  

When are tickets sent out? 

We send out tickets when we match a person with a show or event. We'll always give at least 48 hours and we aim to give at least a week.  

How do people know they've got a ticket hookup? 

2 tickets are sent via email. At the venue, when a member shows a valid photo ID their name will be on the guest list! 

What if the event isn't a match, or there is a scheduling conflict? 

One of the coolest parts of DoMORE is that tickets are giftable. 


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